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Permits and Commercial Licenses

Are you looking to buy an Indiana hunting, trapping or fishing license? Purchase your Indiana license.

All license and permit applications must be downloaded to your computer, printed, filled out, and mailed to Fish & Wildlife (see address below). Permit Applications (if there is no fee required) and annual reports may also be emailed to: wildlifepermits@dnr.IN.gov

License or PermitApplicationRegulations Report Form More Information
Aquaculture Permit (including grass carp) PDFPDF N/A View
Aquaculture Pre-Entry Permit (BOAH) PDF  N/A View
Aquatic Vegetation Control Permit (Application) PDFPDF N/A PDF
Aquatic Vegetation Control Permit (Reporting) PDFPDF PDF
Bait Dealer's License PDFPDF  
Commercial Fishing Licenses PDFPDF N/A  
Deer Processing (Commercial) PDFPDFPDF 
Dog Training Ground Permit PDFPDF N/A  
Falconry License PDFPDF N/A PDF
Field Trial Permit PDFPDF N/A PDF, PDF
Fish Hauler & Supplier Permit PDFPDF  
Fish Importation Permit  PDF N/A  
Fish Stocking Permit PDF
PDF View
Fishing Tournament Permit (State Park & Reservoir Properties) Application  View
Fishing Tournament Permit on Public Waters:
Lake Wawasee/Syracuse and Sylvan Lake
Online  View
Fishing Guide License PDFPDFLake Michigan Fishing Guide Monthly Report
Inland Fishing Guide Monthly Report
Fur Buyer’s License PDFPDFPDF 
Game Breeder's License PDFPDF  
Hunting Guide License PDFPDFPDF 
Special Permit for Disabled Hunting PDFPDF N/A PDF
Nuisance Wild Animal Control Permit PDFPDFPDFPDF
Passenger-for-Hire Watercraft PDFPDF  
Special Purpose Salvage Permit PDFPDFPDF 
Scientific Purposes License PDFPDFPDFView
Shooting Preserve License PDFPDFPDF 
Special Purpose Educational Permit PDFPDFPDF 
Taxidermy License PDFPDF N/A  
Wild Animal Possession Permit PDFPDF PDF
Wild Animal Rehabilitation Permit PDFPDFPDFPDF

Other permits and licenses

If you have any questions about these forms, please call 317-232-4102. After printing and filling out the application form, mail it with any applicable fees to:

Division of Fish & Wildlife
Permit Coordinator
402 W. Washington St., W273
Indianapolis, IN 46204