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Gift Certificates

Are you looking for a gift certificate for a hunter, trapper, or angler?

Get them a gift certificate to buy a hunting, trapping, or fishing license because it's exactly what they want. You can purchase a gift certificate or many certificates all at one time. What a perfect gift for that person in your life that has all the hunting, trapping, and fishing equipment they need. To give someone a gift certificate to purchase a license online, you will need to give them the gift certificate number, validation number, and the dollar amount. They can enter this information into their online account for a future license purchase or give it to DNR property staff when purchasing a license at a property. You will not receive a gift certificate by mail.

Rules for Gift Certificates:

  • People will be able to buy or redeem a gift certificate only online or at a DNR property that sells hunting, fishing, and trapping licenses.
  • The gift certificates are only for fishing, hunting, or trapping licenses.
  • There are two ways to get a gift certificate:
    • While purchasing a hunting, fishing, or trapping license online or at a DNR property, add the gift certificate as an option
    • Use the Gift Certificates Link to purchase only a gift certificate.
  • The amount of the gift certificate can be in dollars and cents
  • The amount remaining on the gift certificate will be tracked and the remaining balance can be used for future license purchases.
  • To use a gift certificate to purchase a license online, you will need to redeem the certificate to your account by entering the gift certificate number and validation number.
  • The gift certificate cannot be redeemed as cash.

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