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Regulated trapping is an important part of Indiana’s management of furbearers. Trapping is highly regulated, and those regulations are strictly enforced by conservation officers. It is a sustainable activity that does not cause species to become endangered, and much of the animal is used by those licensed to trap. Not all furbearers have a regulated trapping season.

Furbearers with a regulated trapping season include:

  • beaver
  • coyote
  • gray fox
  • long-tailed weasel
  • mink
  • muskrat
  • opossum
  • raccoon
  • red fox
  • river otter
  • striped skunk

All these species, except river otter, also have regulated hunting seasons. Like trapping seasons, these are generally in the fall and winter when the animals are mostly used for meat and fur and to avoid the period when the animals might have young in dens. To learn more about the hunting seasons and regulations for furbearers, visit the Hunting & Trapping Guide.

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