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Indiana Fish Stocking Dashboard

  • How to use this interactive dashboard
    • Use single or multiple filters to narrow your search results. As you make selections, the choices will filter to only show relevant information. For example, if you choose a particular county, you will only see bodies of water that are in that county.
    • Click the “Reset All Filters” button to clear all filters and bring the dashboard back to the original view.
    • Map: As selections are made, the map will show only relevant information. Each blue dot represents a body of water that has been stocked. River Stockings only highlight the county and do not display blue dots. Hovering over the blue dots shows a popup window with additional information. If you click an individual body of water on the map, clicking a second time will clear the information.
    • Table: The table displays the name of the body of water, year stocked, species, and the amount stocked. On a desktop computer, hover over the amount stocked, and additional details for that particular stocking will be displayed in the popup window. Mobile users may have to click the amount stocked and then click again to clear the selection to remove the popup.
    • The display of this page has been tested with various devices, screen sizes, and web browsers. Even with this testing, there may be display issues with some specific devices and browsers.
  • Why these numbers change
    • Stocking data will be updated once every 24 hours. As staff enter current stockings, users can check back often for updated records.
    • This is a complete historical stocking database for the State of Indiana. Historical data and current stocking data were combined to make this available in a single location. Indiana DNR works to keep this data as accurate as possible, but small errors can occur. If you have questions on any of the stocking records, please contact your district biologist.

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