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Fish Identification

Photo of a Striped Shiner fish in the palm of a hand

Striped Shiner (Luxilus chrysocephalus)

Caught a fish but need help identifying the species? The Indiana Division of Fish & Wildlife can help. Just email a photo to fishid@dnr.IN.gov.

Please include in your email:

  • Name of the waterbody where your fish was caught
  • Location of catch (closest bridge, address, or other landmark)
  • Date of catch
  • Your name and phone number
  • The following statement: I allow the Indiana Division of Fish & Wildlife to use my photo for educational or promotional purposes.

What we're looking for in fish ID photos:

  • A picture of the entire fish with something in the picture to reference size (e.g., ruler, coin, hand)
  • Close ups of any unique features of the fish