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Voluntary Fish & Wildlife Monitoring

Share your observations with the Division of Fish & Wildlife

The opportunity to observe wildlife exists in every county, city, and town across the state of Indiana. Division of Fish & Wildlife (DFW) staff cannot observe and document all wildlife across the state, so we’ve designed several ways for Hoosiers to help provide information. This information, along with the information collected by DFW staff, improves estimates of Indiana’s wildlife populations. Improved estimates help DFW make better informed decisions to ensure that wildlife persist for future generations to enjoy.

Observing wildlife is fun!

Hoosiers who volunteer to observe and report wildlife may find their outdoor experience is enhanced in a new way as they actively search for wildlife. Wildlife viewing is a fun outdoor activity anyone can do, even while enjoying other recreation like paddling or hunting.

Osprey, Eagle, and Great Blue Heron Reporting

Indiana Division of Fish & Wildlife is interested in reports about osprey, eagle, and great blue heron nests. Reports can be submitted to In your email, please include the nest location, photos of the bird(s), and photos of the nest.

As a reminder, observe nests from 330 feet away, which is roughly the length of a football field, and keep nest locations private.

Thank you

Every report that DFW receives helps us understand the status of wildlife populations across the state. With more reports, DFW can make better decisions for how to manage wildlife now and into the future.

Interested in other types of volunteering? Visit to learn about the other ways you can share your passion for natural resources with DNR.

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