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Mile-a-Minute Weed

Mile a minute weed

Mile-a-Minute weed (also known as Asiatic tearthumb; Persicaria perfoliata, syn. Polygonum perfoliatum) is an aggressive, fast growing, annual vine that it is easily spread by seeds. As of February 2019, there was one confirmed site in the state in western Monroe County, but this plant is not widespread so far.

Mile-a-minute weeds have almost perfectly triangular leaves and small thorns on their stems. Stems also have circular sheaths around the stem called ochreae. Shiny, dark blue fruit develop in late summer and fall which can make this plant quite noticeable. This plant can be controlled with herbicides. However, a seed reserve can build in the soil leading to new plants for several years. This can make eradication a multi-year effort.

If you see this plant, please report it to your local nursery inspector or call the Indiana DNR invasive species hotline at 1-866-NOEXOTIC.

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Mile a minute weed

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