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Giant African Land Snails

Giant African Land Snail

The Giant African Land Snail is an unwanted visitor to the United States. Although it has been traded at flea markets and kept as a pet, the U.S. Department of Agriculture has never issued a permit to import the snails. All of the snails in the U.S. are here illegally. A local Wabash County Health Department worker read that the snails would be available at a local flea market. The snails were confiscated and destroyed. As a reaction to the discovery of the snails in Indiana, the DNR, on April 30 issued a quarantine banning the snails in Indiana.

If these snails are seen, IMMEDIATELY report the information by contacting the United States Department of Agriculture, Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service, Plant Protection & Quarantine, at (765) 446-0267.

120 Professional Court, Suite D
Lafayette, Indiana 47905

Or the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, at (317) 232-4120

Indiana Department of Natural Resources
Division of Entomology and Plant Pathology
402 West Washington Street, Room W290
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204-2739

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