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Volunteer & Internship Opportunities

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Doing good feels good. Consider giving your spirits a lift by volunteering with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources. Across the state, we have opportunities to work alone or in small groups. Scheduling is flexible, and you can arrange your opportunity directly with a property.

Here’s a list of some of the ways citizens work with DNR:

  • Act as campground hosts
  • Act as a Nature Center Attendant
  • Assist with carpentry projects
  • Assist with cemetery surveys, archaeological work, and history research
  • Clean up waterways
  • Internships for school credit  (unpaid)
  • Maintain trails
  • Monitor birdhouses
  • Plant rare native plants
  • Remove invasive plants
  • Share photography or artwork

There are a variety of volunteer opportunities and activities throughout the year. To learn about these volunteer opportunities:

Sign up to be a volunteer

  1. Create a Volunteer Profile
  2. Fill out a Volunteer Service Agreement. The agreements are fillable PDFs that can be downloaded, saved, and emailed to when completed. No printing necessary.

  3. Log in to your volunteer account

    If you need to update your Volunteer Profile, record your hours, manage your volunteer projects, or cancel a volunteer registration please sign in to your account.

    Check out these divisions to learn more:

    Have questions about volunteering for Indiana Department of Natural Resources?

    We’re happy to help.
    Phone: 463-203-6562


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