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Organizational Overview

DNR Director: Daniel W. Bortner

  • Law Enforcement – Conservation Officers, Steve Hunter
  • Natural Resources Foundation, Jody Kress
  • President Benjamin Harrison Conservation Trust Fund, Tom Laycock

Deputy Director, CFO/Administrative Management Team: Mike Smith

  • Finance and Payroll, Jeff Saucerman
  • Management Information Systems, Timothy Ping
  • Accounting, Customer Service Center, Internal Audit, and Purchasing, Chari Burke
  • Fleet, Facilities, Asset Management, and Safety and ADA Compliance, Greg Sorrels
  • Human Resources, Amanda Foor

DNR Deputy Director, Land Management Team: Vacant

  • Engineering, Dale Gick
  • Fish & Wildlife, Amanda Wuestefeld
  • Forestry, John Seifert
  • Land Acquisition, Tom Laycock
  • Nature Preserves, Ron Hellmich
  • Outdoor Recreation, Dale Brier
  • State Parks, Terry Coleman
  • Indiana State Park Inns & DNR Concessions, Karen Hinton

DNR Deputy Director, Regulatory Team: Chris Smith

  • Communications, James Brindle
  • Entomology & Plant Pathology, Megan Abraham
  • Historic Preservation & Archaeology, Beth McCord
  • Oil & Gas, Russell Retherford
  • Reclamation, Steve Weinzapfel
  • Water, Ryan Mueller

DNR Chief Legal Counsel: Samantha DeWester

  • Legislative & Public Policy Director, David Bausman

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