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Donating to the DNR

Kids collecting specimens at Lake MonroeWant to make a difference in Indiana’s natural heritage? Concerned about the endangered wildlife that reside here? Or, maybe you want to ensure that Indiana's historical treasures are preserved. There are many ways that you can make a difference by donating to a specific fund within the DNR.

Here are the different areas in which you can make a donation.

Archaeology Preservation Trust Fund

Homeowners who stumble on an artifact, burial object or human remains on their land are required to follow DHPA-approved plans to excavate or secure the site from further disturbance. This can be costly for the homeowner. This fund helps offset some of those costs. How to donate.

Indiana State Parks

Indiana State Parks offers many donation opportunities. How to donate.

Outdoor Indiana Magazine

Background: Outdoor Indiana is the magazine of the Indiana DNR. Printing and distribution costs have increased. Funds are used to offset these costs and keep the subscription price of the magazine down.
How to donate: Fund is administered through Indiana Natural Resources Foundation.*
Go to INRF site and include “Friends of Outdoor Indiana” in the “In Honor Of/Memory Of” line.
For more information: See the Outdoor Indiana website for more information.

Healthy Rivers INitiative

Background: HRI is the largest conservation initiative undertaken in Indiana. It will restore 43,000 acres along the Wabash River and Sugar Creek and 26,000 acres on the Muscatatuck River. This project will protect, restore and enhance the rivers and their adjacent lands providing habitat and increased public access for recreation.
How to donate: Visit the Healthy Rivers INitiative donation page to make an online donation. 
For more information: See the Healthy Rivers INitiative website for more information.

President Benjamin Harrison Conservation Trust Fund

Background: Buys land from willing sellers with natural, historical or archaeological significance. Funds are used to purchase land from willing sellers to protect Indiana's rich natural heritage for wildlife habitat and recreation.
How to donate: Buy an environmental license plate or make a direct donation to President Benjamin Harrison Conservation Trust Fund.
For more information: See the President Benjamin Harrison Conservation Trust Fund website for more information.

Indiana Nongame Wildlife Fund

Background: The Indiana Nongame Wildlife Fund does not receive any tax dollars. It is entirely funded through voluntary contributions. Funds are used exclusively for the protection, conservation, management and identification of non-game and endangered species.
How to donate: Make a donation on your state tax form or make a direct donation to Indiana Nongame Fund.

Sportsmen's Benevolence Fund

Background: Many deer hunters donate their deer meat to food banks to help the hungry. Costs are associated in processing the deer. This fund helps offset the processing fees to encourage more people to donate. All funds are used to help finance deer processors who receive donated deer meat. The resulting venison is donated to provide much-needed meat to food banks across the state.
How to donate: Purchase a $5 pin from any DNR, Div. of Law Enforcement district office, local conservation officer or by ordering online.
Click here to make a monetary donation.

*The Indiana Natural Resources Foundation is a non-profit organization that works with the DNR to teach others about and to permanently protect our unique natural heritage. If you would like to learn more about donating to this cause, please see the INRF website.

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