Indiana DNR Smartphone Apps

Mobile apps for Android and Apple devices

DNR Mobile app screenshots

Indiana Department of Natural Resources and the Indiana Office of Technology present a smartphone app for both Android and Apple iOS with a new user interface and more content. Whether you are visiting, hunting, fishing or staying at a campground or state park inn, we hope you will find this portable guide to DNR properties and services to be useful. Among some of the features:

  • A directional map to help you find a DNR property
  • Links to camping and trail maps in PDF format for storing and viewing offline
  • A listing of DNR events and press releases
  • Fishing regulations, species guide, reports
  • Hunting regulations, seasons, check-in stations
  • Ability to report polluters and poachers and contact conservation officers
  • Information to help with nuisance and orphaned wildlife

The application requires Internet access through WiFi or a cellular wireless connection. Have a question or suggestion? Drop us a line at

Other mobile applications

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources and the Division of Indiana State Parks partnered with Ball State University to help develop The Indiana State Parks History Tour mobile app for Android and iOS devices. Details of the apps, which was built by students, can be viewed here. Indiana DNR does not offer any technical support for its use. Note: The app is still being developed and does not contain all state parks. It is a very large download.

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