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TS-1 Tax Comparison Statement

IC 6-1.1-22-8.1 requires the Department of Local Government Finance ("Department") to prescribe the county treasurer's property tax comparison statement, or the "TS-1."

Under the statute, the TS-1 is required to contain important information about a taxpayer's current and historical property tax liability. The form is designed for the county to supply to taxpayers basic information about their assessed value, gross property tax rate, deductions and related information for the current year and for prior years. This form is designed, as well, to contain all of the information contained in the Form 11 Notice of Assessment.

TS-1 Tax Comparison Statement

Non-compliance with the law may result in a county's tax bill being declared invalid and in violation of the requirements of Indiana Code section 6-1.1-22-8.1. As a result of this violation, the county will be required to re-print and mail new, compliant tax bills to taxpayers.

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