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The Department of Local Government Finance and the State Board of Accounts, in partnership with the Indiana Business Research Center at Indiana University, have developed the Indiana Gateway for Government Units (“Gateway”). Gateway allows local units of government to submit data to certain state agencies online. Local officials have the ability to submit budget forms and debt reports to the Department, and annual financial reports and employee compensation reports to the State Board of Accounts. Submitted information is immediately available for review by state agencies and is accessible online by the public shortly thereafter.

Local Officials:

Gateway Public Site:

Have questions concerning the Gateway application?

  1. Reference one of the Gateway user guides posted above. These guides include step-by-step instructions that can help & you complete most tasks in the application.
  2. Send an email to Multiple DLGF employees monitor this email address and can answer your questions concerning the technical aspects of the Gateway applications. Please remember to include in your email your name, your title, the name of your unit, and the county in which your unit is located.
  3. If you believe your question is easier to answer over the phone, feel free to call the Department at 317-232-3777 or toll-free at 888-739-9826.

Are you a local official in need of a Gateway account? Do you need your password reset? Did you forget your four-digit personal identification number (PIN)? For access to Budgets, Debt Management, TIF Management, or SB 131 Reporting applications, please send requests to

Only one official per unit of government is permitted to have submission rights in the Gateway Budgets, Economic Development Reporting (EDR), DECAF (CNAV & Form 22), and TIF Management applications. This individual is typically the fiscal officer. However, it is easy to delegate editing or read-only rights to other individuals. For Gateway Debt Management, an official also can delegate submission rights to multiple persons. All delegations of authority can be performed by completing and returning the appropriate state form linked below.

By default, school superintendents are given submission rights for Gateway Budgets and Debt Management. A school superintendent that would rather relinquish authority and transfer the responsibilities to the corporation treasurer may do so by completing and returning the following state form: Relinquishment of Authority and Limited Delegation of Authority for Submitting School Data through the Gateway Website and Authorizing Additional Website Users – State Form 55811.

Other state forms that may be used to delegate and/or alter permissions for Gateway users:

More information on Gateway can be found by clicking the following links: