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Additional Appropriations

The Department is proud to announce that the Additional Appropriation Application is now live. Beginning on April 1, 2020, all additional appropriations must be submitted to the Department via the application. The new application can be accessed through Gateway or can be found at https://gateway.ifionline.org/AdditionalAppropriations/SelectUnit.aspx.

Local Officials: https://gateway.ifionline.org/login.aspx

Gateway Public Site: https://gateway.ifionline.org/

Have questions concerning the Gateway application?

  1. Reference one of the Gateway user guides posted above. These guides include step-by-step instructions that can help & you complete most tasks in the application.
  2. Send an email to support@dlgf.in.gov. Multiple DLGF employees monitor this email address and can answer your questions concerning the technical aspects of the Gateway applications. Please remember to include in your email your name, your title, the name of your unit, and the county in which your unit is located.
  3. If you believe your question is easier to answer over the phone, feel free to call the Department at 317-232-3777 or toll-free at 888-739-9826.