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Indiana Code

Administrative Code

  • Assessment of Mobile Homes 50 IAC 3.3
  • Assessment of Tangible Personal Property: Regulation 16 50 IAC 4.2-1-1
    • Effective through March 1, 2010 Assessment Date
  • Assessment of Tangible Personal Property 50 IAC 4.2
    • Effective March 1, 2011 Assessment Date
  • Public Utility Assessment 50 IAC 5.1
  • Annual Adjustments 50 IAC 21
  • Annual Adjustment and Equalization Standards 50 IAC 27

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Indiana County Assessors' Association

The Indiana County Assessors' Association is an affiliate group of the Association of Indiana Counties (http://www.indianacounties.org/). While the Department works in partnership with the Assessors' Association, the Association is a separate entity, governed by its own by-laws.


Reference Memoranda

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