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Sales Disclosure Form Information

Online Sales Disclosure Application

Many counties have opted for software vendors to handle their sales disclosure data processing. These counties have opted out of public data entry in the State Sales Disclosure Application. An up-to-date, county-by-county listing of how sales disclosures should be filed may be found HERE. Please check this listing regularly as counties transition to and from the State Sales Disclosure Application.

The buttons below will take you to the State online sales disclosure application, which will allow you to complete your sales disclosure information online, and will prepare a PDF copy that can be printed and signed before delivery to your county assessor.

The DLGF has developed a public search application for post-July 1, 2008 sales disclosures. To access this application, simply click the button below. Please note that IC 6-1.1-5.5-3(d) restricts release of phone numbers in this search application.

Gateway Sales Disclosure Training

Sales Disclosure IT Information (Assessor Edit Tool)