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Education and Training Voucher Program and College Dorm Placement Program

The purpose of this RFP is to select no more than one vendor that can satisfy the State’s need for the provision of the Education and Training Voucher program and administration of College Dorm Placement Program across Indiana.  The federally funded ETV program provides financial aid assistance to youth who are in foster care or were formerly in foster care.  It is the intent of the Department of Child Services (DCS) to contract with a vendor that is competent in the area of child welfare, post-secondary education student support and can provide quality service coordination and provision for former foster youth seeking financial assistance with post-secondary education or training.  The College Dorm Placement Program supports current foster youth in college dorm placements.  It is the intent of DCS to contract with a vendor that has the ability to administer payments directly to youth across the state.

Vendor Question and Answer form posted to website 3/6/2015:  Questions and Answers

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