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Non-Custodial Parent Annual Support Fee

Non-Custodial Parent Annual Support Fee

Check or Money Order

Payments by personal check, money order, cashier's check or certified check should be made payable to the Indiana State Central Collection Unit – (INSCCU) and mailed to:

PO Box 6271
Indianapolis, IN 46206-6271

When sending a payment to INSCCU please include your ISETS case number, custodial party name, and “ASFE”.

Information to include with your payment:

*    Annual Support Fee Payment Coupon 
*    ISETS case number
*    “ASFE”
*    Your name
*    Your address
*    Your phone number
*    The last 4 digits of your social security number
*    Your court cause number
*    The payment amount

If you have more than one child support case:
*    Send one check, money order, cashier's, or certified check per case, OR
*    Send one check, money order, cashier's, or certified check that covers the amount due on all of your cases. If you send one check to be applied to more than one case, please be sure to identify the amount of payment to be applied to each case and list each child support case number individually.

Credit or Debit Card

*Pay online at:
Select “Annual Support Fee (ASFE)” from the dropdown.

*The online payment option charges a convenience fee of 2.25% (minimum $1.00). Limits apply.


*    Make your cash payment at thousands of U.S. MoneyGram locations, including Walmart, CVS, and Kroger. 
*    Find a place to pay at the
*    Simply find an associate and ask them how to get started making a payment to Indiana Child Support.
*    Use Receive Code 18860 – for annual support fee payments only.
*    Payments process to case within 3 business days.
*    Fee is $3.99.
*    Limits apply.

Annual Support Fee (ASFE) Payments are no longer accepted at the county clerks’ offices.

Annual Support Fees (ASFE) not paid by the due date on the notice are subject to garnishment from employers.

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