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Child Support Payments for Your Employees

Child Support Payments for Your Employees


Indiana Code, Section 31-16-15-16 requires employers with fifty (50) or more employees and more than one child support obligor to process those payments electronically to the State Central Collection Unit. This law went into effect July 1st 2002.

If you receive a new income withholding order that does not provide the ISETS case number, please contact the Employer Hotline at 800-292-0403. We will provide you with the case number.

Employers, did you know that you can send a list of employees with child support orders to the Employer Maintenance Unit to get arrearage totals for Bonus/Lump sum payments?

Create a list of employees you pay child support for, send it to the Employer Maintenance Unit (EMU) and they will provide arrearage figures where applicable. If you are sending your list of employees with child support orders for the arrearage totals, please send it via email at or via fax at 317-234-4767.

To understand lump sum payments more fully, please check out the FAQs on the website.

Free WEB Online Payment Processing

Using the Child Support Bureau's payment processing website is a FREE and easy way to comply with this law. Even if you're not required to process payments by EFT in accordance with the law, using the employer payment website is very beneficial and all you need is the Internet to use it.
You save postage. Payments don't get lost or delayed by the post office. In many cases, using the website for payment processing saves the employer processing time and by eliminating mail time, the custodial parent receives payments faster. All Indiana income withholding child support payments can be processed on the website. You no longer have to send payments to several different County Clerks. You will know the exact day your payments start processing on our system. The payments are automatically downloaded into the Indiana Support Enforcement Tracking System (ISETS) from the website with no manual processing. Payment histories for each employee and the employer are available on the website for all payments processed on the website.

For more information, click the links below:
Employer Online Payment System Brochure

Click here for a Website Setup Form

Free ACH Payment Processing Using CCD+ or CTX820

The information needed to process payments using the CCD+ or the CTX 820 formats is listed below.
Redirecting payments to the State Central Collection Unit and/or by EFT.
Payment Processing Instructions

Information regarding the EFT formats necessary to process child support Payments EFT.
Click here for EFT/EDI Detail Document

User Guide for Electronic Child Support Payments

Check or Money Order

If your business or organization is not legally required, pursuant to Indiana Code, Section 31-16-15-16 to process child support payments electronically, and you do not choose to use that option, you may send all your Indiana child support payments to the Indiana State Centralized Collection Unit (INSCCU). Please click here for Payment Processing Instructions.

If you do not meet the requirements of Indiana Code, Section 31-16-15-16 and do not opt to send payments electronically, mail checks to:

PO Box 6219
Indianapolis, IN 46206-6219

NOTE: The following Employer Remittance Coupon form must be used when sending employee withholding payments by check:

Employer Remittance Coupon

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