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Cases Between States

When the non-custodial parent lives in a different state, Indiana may not have jurisdiction over him/her.  However, it is our obligation to help and we want to do so.  If there is already an established child support order, the county prosecutor's Title IV-D office in Indiana may be able to collect child support by sending an income withholding order (IWO) to the non-custodial parent's employer.  If help is needed from the other state's Title IV-D agency to establish paternity, establish a court order, or enforce the payment of support, the county prosecutor's Title IV-D office in Indiana can ask for the other state's assistance under a law called the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (UIFSA).  This law establishes cooperation between states in these matters.

Under UIFSA, information is sent to the other state's Central Registry where it is reviewed and forwarded to the appropriate local child support agency within that state.  The local child support agency in the other state will communicate with the Indiana county prosecutor's Title IV-D office regarding the status of the case.  You may contact your Indiana Title IV-D caseworker to find out information about the progress of your case, but you should not contact the other state directly.

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