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The Indiana Information Sharing and Analysis Center (IN-ISAC) is an entity developed by the State of Indiana and key partners to mitigate cybersecurity risks among state agencies through the sharing of threat information and collaboration on strategies. It provides real-time network monitoring, vulnerability identification, and threat warnings.

The IN-ISAC reduces the overall cost of cybersecurity through the centralization of resources, leveraging of large-scale purchasing, improved prevention efforts, and faster containment of threats.

In the realm of higher education, the IN-ISAC helps train students through partnerships that include Purdue University, Indiana University, and leading technology companies. This arrangement provides hands-on job experience with real threats and cutting-edge technical products.

Nationwide, multiple states operate ISACs, and all 50 states participate in the not-for-profit Multi-State ISAC.

According to the National Council of ISACs, "ISACs are trusted entities established by Critical Infrastructure Key Resource (CI/KR) owners and operators to provide comprehensive sector analysis, which is shared within the sector, with other sectors, and with the government. ISACs take an all-hazards approach and have a strong reach into their respective sectors, with many reaching over 90 percent penetration. Services provided by ISACs include risk mitigation, incident response, alert, and information sharing. The goal is to provide users with accurate, actionable, and relevant information. Member benefits vary across the ISACs and can include: access to a 24/7 security operations center, briefings, white papers, threat calls, webinars, and anonymous CIKR Owner/Operator reporting."

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