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Going to Small Claims Court without a Lawyer

This video is designed to inform you of your rights and responsibilities in small claims court proceedings throughout Indiana, including those in Marion County. Small claims cases are a special type of civil case in which the amount the plaintiff wishes to recover is $8,000 or less. Indiana has developed a way to handle these cases in court, using a speedier and more informal procedure than that used for other types of civil cases. This video provides information about your responsibilities in court and the procedures you should follow if you choose to represent yourself in an Indiana small claims court.

The information here should not be considered legal advice. Only a practicing attorney can provide you with legal advice.

Small Claims in Indiana

This video applies to proceedings in all small claims courts throughout Indiana. Also see the Indiana Small Claims Manual.

For Small Claims in Marion County

  1. I.C 33-34-3-2 provides for the $8000 jurisdictional limit in Marion County Small Claims Courts.
  2. In Marion County Small Claims Courts, Defendants have the right to service by the Township Constables.
  3. Proper venue for a case filed in a Marion County Small Claims Court created pursuant to I.C. 33-34-1-2 shall be in the township where the transaction or occurrence took place, where the obligation was incurred or is to be performed, or where a defendant resides or is employed at the time the complaint is filed.
  4. Marion County Small Claims Court cases involving landlord and tenant disputes must be filed in the township where the property is located.

For more information, visit the website for Marion County Small Claims Courts.