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Child Support Calculator

  • Child Support Guidelines

    The new Indiana Child Support Guidelines include an updated schedule for calculation of support, changes related to health care costs, and other changes.

    Read the Child Support Guidelines
  • Parenting Time Guidelines

    The Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines are based on the premise that it is usually in a child's best interest to have frequent, meaningful and continuing contact with each parent, and so are designed to help parents make decisions on parenting time.

    Read the Parenting Time Guidelines

For Parents

Parents: Calculate child support online

Answer questions about children, income, parenting time, health care and other costs to estimate weekly support payments and download forms for use in court. Save calculations securely.
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Child Support Form Packets

Access forms with instructions for unrepresented litigants from the Coalition for Court Access website.

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Get Legal Help

Even if you don't hire a lawyer to handle your case, you may want to talk with a lawyer before filing legal papers with the court. Here you can find information about how to get legal help, including how to find low cost or no cost legal aid.


For Practitioners

Practitioners: Calculate child support online

Estimate weekly child support payments and produce court forms. Enter information about children, income, parenting time, health care and other costs, save calculations securely, and share them with parties to the case, mediators, or judicial officers.
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Former Version of Child Support Calculator

This calculator may be used to calculate child support obligations that precede December 31, 2023.

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Print Blank Forms or Complete Forms by Hand

Get the updated child support forms in Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF format. The PDF forms can be filled in on the computer and then printed for easier readability.

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