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Other Orders

Date Cause No.Order
09-02-202222S-MS-308In the Matter of the Indiana Pre-Eviction Diversion Program
09-02-202222S-MS-269In the Matter of Appointments to the Committee on Character and Fitness
08-25-202221A-CR-02470Kenneth Robert Philhower, IV v. State of Indiana
08-25-202221A-CR-02331Julie A. Montgomery v. State of Indiana
08-23-202221A-CR-01749Britni N. Wihebrinkz v. State of Indiana
08-05-202222S-MS-267In the Matter of the Chair to the Marion County Judicial Selection Committee
07-29-202222S-MS-261In the Matter of the Minimum Fees for Legal Services of the State Public Defender and Appointed Public Defenders
07-29-202222S-MS-101In the Matter of the Appointment of Members to the Coalition for Court Access
07-29-2022 22S-MS-260 Order Reappointing Members of the Indiana Public Defender Commission
07-29-2022 22S-MS-211 In the Matter of the Appointment of Members to the Indiana Supreme Court Committee on Rules of Practice and Procedure
07-26-2022 22S-JD-148 In the Matter of the Hon. Sabrina R. Bell, Former Crawford Circuit Court Judge
07-01-2022 21A-CR-1529 Latuwan Anthony Partee v. State of Indiana
06-17-2022 22S-MS-199 In the Matter of the Appointment of Members to the Youth Justice Oversight Committee
06-10-2022 22S-PL-141 Family Dental Care, P.C. v. Christine Mousa
06-07-2022 22S-MS-170 In the Matter of Failure to Comply with Continuing Legal Education Requirements, Nonpayment of Attorney Registration Fees, and/or Failure to Submit IOLTA Certification
05-26-2022 21S-EX-432 Indiana Office of Utility Consumer Counselor, et al. v. Duke Energy Indiana, LLC, et al.
05-19-2022 22S-BL-145 In the Matter of the Application to the Bar of the State of Indiana
05-12-2022 22S-JD-148 In the Matter of the Hon. Sabrina R. Bell, Crawford County Circuit Court Judge
05-05-2022 22S-MS-83 State of Indiana, ex rel. Theodore E. Rokita v. Eric Smith
03-09-2022 22S-CR-43 Kelsie L. West v. State of Indiana
03-09-2022 21A-CR-1422 Abram Lamar Glover v. State of Indiana
01-27-2022 21S-CT-423 Laura M. Johnson v. City of Michigan City
01-26-2022 21A-PC-01034 Jason M. Middleton v. State of Indiana
01-21-2022 21S-JD-513 In the Matter of the Honorable  Patrick R. Miller, former Judge of the Adams Superior Court
01-11-2022 21A-DR-295 Ashley D. Day-Ping v. Charles T. Ramey, III