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Other Orders

Date Cause No.Order
6/1/202323S-MS-134In the Matter of Failure to Comply with Continuing Legal Education Requirements, Nonpayment of Attorney Registration Fees, and/or Failure to Submit IOLTA Certification
5/19/202323S-MS-131Order Establishing the Civil Case Management Pathways Pilot Project
5/19/2023 22A-MI-685Published Order Inviting Amicus Curiae Briefing in State of Indiana through DNR v. Kailee M Smith, et al.
5/17/2023 23S-CR-70 Avis Deforest White v. State of Indiana
5/17/2023 21A-AD-2766 In the Matter of the Adoption of A.E.; C.L.F. v. C.M. and M.B.
5/9/2023 23S-BL-118 In the Matter of the Application to the Bar of the State of Indiana
5/5/2023 23S-MS-113 In the Matter of the Appointment of Members to the Youth Justice Oversight Committee
4/25/2023 22A-CR-174 Lacey M. Evans v. State of Indiana
4/18/2023 22S-JD-412 In the Matter of the Hon. Timothy B. Day, Judge of Decatur Circuit Court
4/10/2023 23S-MS-34 State of Indiana, ex rel. Indiana Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission v. Walter Michael Wildman
3/30/2023 23S-MS-82 In the Matter of the Appointment to the Advisory Committee of the Indiana Conference for Legal Education Opportunity
2/28/2023 23S-MS-55 In the Matter of the Appointment of Members to the Coalition for Court Access
2/9/2023 22A-MI-2489 Published Order Denying Transfer and Admonishing Appellant, Eric J. Mapes v State of Indiana