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Orders and Opinions Regarding Final Resolution in Attorney Disciplinary Cases

Date Cause No.Order/Opinion Case Caption
08-05-202221S-DI-262OrderIn the Matter of: Grant E. Helms
07-25-202222S-DI-31OrderIn the Matter of: Daniel J. Hancock
07-20-202222S-DI-188OrderIn the Matter of: Martin R. Shields
07-20-202229S00-1608-DI-451OrderIn the Matter of: Adam S. Mears
07-20-202222S-DI-92OrderIn the Matter of: Michael O. Murray
07-05-202222S-DI-110OrderIn the Matter of Aftin R. Brown
06-29-202222S-DI-152OrderIn the Matter of Marco Antonio Moreno
06-29-202221S-DI-555OrderIn the Matter of Frankert Kahlil Wheaton
06-29-202222S-DI-110OrderIn the Matter of Aftin R. Brown
06-09-202222S-DI-146OrderIn the Matter of: John S. Keeler
06-09-202222S-DI-107OrderIn the Matter of: Jason Michael Smith
05-05-202222S-DI-113OrderIn the Matter of: Ryan E. Lackey
05-05-202221S-DI-211OrderIn the Matter of: Steven A. Johnson
05-05-202222S-DI-95OrderIn the Matter of: Ashley K. Eve
05-05-202222S-DI-61, 22S-DI-62OrderIn the Matter of: Kurt Alan Schnepper
05-05-202222S-DI-31OrderIn the Matter of: Daniel J. Hancock
05-05-202221S-DI-554OrderIn the Matter of: Rebecca Louise Balanoff
04-21-202221S-DI-275OrderIn the Matter of: Cody R. Williams
04-21-202221S-DI-16Per CuriamIn the Matter of: Jared M. Thomas
03-31-202220S-DI-628OrderIn the Matter of: Andreas T. Kyres
03-31-202221S-DI-388OrderIn the Matter of: J. David Massey
03-04-202220S-DI-474Per CuriamIn the Matter of: Michael C. Steele
02-25-202220S-DI-577Per CuriamIn the Matter of: Jason M. Smith
02-24-202221S-DI-281OrderIn the Matter of: Seth Brendon Haynes
02-24-202220S-DI-312OrderIn the Matter of: Patricia Louise Rios
02-17-202220S-DI-556OrderIn the Matter of: Robert E. Love
02-03-202221S-DI-555OrderIn the Matter of: Frankert K. Wheaton
02-03-202220S-DI-719OrderIn the Matter of: Allen R. Stout
01-27-202221S-DI-342OrderIn the Matter of: Bryan M. Truitt
01-21-202249S00-1602-DI-90OrderIn the Matter of: Michael Clarke Bratcher
01-06-202221S-DI-466 OrderIn the Matter of: Christopher D. Stidham
01-06-202221S-DI-414OrderIn the Matter of: Timmy J. Brown
01-06-202221S-DI-156OrderIn the Matter of: Darlene C. Robinson