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Orders and Opinions Regarding Final Resolution in Attorney Disciplinary Cases

Date Cause No.Order/Opinion Case Caption
05-05-202322S-DI-246OrderIn the Matter of: Susan M. Bryan-Wieczorek
05-05-202323S-DI-56OrderIn the Matter of Clinton A. Hardesty
04-10-202371S00-1108-DI-522OrderIn the Matter of: Olubunmi Okanlami
04-10-202322S-DI-416OrderIn the Matter of: Christopher D. Stidham
03-30-202321S-DI-388OrderIn the Matter of: J. David Massey
03-16-202319S-DI-647OrderIn the Matter of: Mark Eugene Small
03-09-202322S-DI-151OrderIn the Matter of: John R. Voor
03-08-202322S-DI-279Per CuriamIn the Matter of: Robert McMahon
02-27-202322S-DI-290Per CuriamIn the Matter of: Clinton Andrew Hardesty
02-23-202322S-DI-133OrderIn the Matter of: Daniel Jewel Hancock
02-10-202323S-DI-37OrderIn the Matter of: Steven J. Kasyjanski
02-09-202322S-DI-304OrderIn the Matter of: Shane Ryan O’Donnell
02-09-202322S-DI-224OrderIn the Matter of: Bruce E. McLane
02-09-202346S00-1512-DI-705OrderIn the Matter of: Robert C. Neary
01-26-202322S-DI-376OrderIn the Matter of: Eric O. Clark
01-26-202323S-DI-4OrderIn the Matter of: Bruce Andis
01-12-202322S-DI-368 OrderIn the Matter of: Adam M. Dulik