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Indiana Courts Portal Terms of Use

Indiana Courts Portal: or

The Indiana Courts Portal (the "Portal") is a platform for online services provided by the Indiana Supreme Court.

Portal Uses

Users may use the Portal to submit and update their roll of attorneys’ information, pay fees, and view and report continuing education requirements, etc. Users may authorize others to access the Portal on their behalf by assigning/creating a separate administrator for the user’s account; however, users remain responsible for the information submitted on their behalf by their administrator(s), including the timely payment of annual registration fees.

Attorneys and judges may also use their Portal credentials to sign into Access to cases and documents on is limited to Indiana attorneys with a license that is active and in good standing, including attorneys with temporary admission.

Attorneys, judges, and mediators may authorize others to use the Portal on their behalf with a separate administrator account; however, attorneys, judges and mediators remain responsible for the information submitted on their behalf by their account administrators, including the timely payment of annual registration fees.

Other invited users, including court reporters and court interpreters, may use the Portal to submit information and pay fees with the Indiana Supreme Court or one of its agencies.

Access Restrictions

Access to and use of the Portal and its contents is only permitted by users who register into the Portal to access services provided by any of the following Indiana state judicial entities: Indiana Supreme Court; Court of Appeals; Tax Court; Clerk of the Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, and Tax Court; Office of Admissions & Continuing Education; Indiana Office of Court Services; Indiana Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission; and the Indiana Supreme Court's Office of Judicial Administration. Any other access to or use of this site or its contents is prohibited.

The Portal may not be used to impersonate another person or misrepresent authorization to act on behalf of others. Any information transmitted through the Portal should correctly identify the sender; you may not alter the attribution of origin in electronic information or transactions.

Users who have been delegated security options to act on behalf of other users as administrators must establish and use their own accounts on the Portal to act on the behalf of other users. Administrators may not make modifications to an account holder’s account using the account holder’s username and password.  In addition, users may not share their usernames and passwords with anyone including administrators. The application can be used to locate information and documentation related to Indiana cases.

By registering, you certify that the information you provide is accurate and pertains only to you. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the password you provide. Your password may not be shared with any other person.

Who Owns This Portal?

The Portal is developed and maintained by Indiana Interactive, LLC, under contract with the Indiana Department of Administration, on behalf of the Indiana Supreme Court.  The Indiana Supreme Court, Office of Judicial Administration is responsible for the Portal, its records, information, and services provided through the Department of Administration's service contract.

Additional Terms and Conditions of Use

Additional Terms and Conditions of Use that apply to the Portal are located at the following link: Indiana Judicial Branch: Terms of Use

Updated: July 6, 2023