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Press release: Night court

For Immediate Release | January 12, 2024

Supreme Court to hold oral argument in the evening

The Indiana Supreme Court will hear an oral argument on Monday, February 19 at 5:15 p.m. (Eastern) in the Supreme Court Courtroom at the State House. The Court occasionally schedules arguments outside the capitol building for students, the press, and the public to attend a Supreme Court proceeding in their own community. This argument, announced by Chief Justice Loretta Rush at the State of the Judiciary, is being held in the evening as a “Night Court for Legislators” event.

In her tenth address, Chief Justice Rush said it was an honor to provide her report to lawmakers in their chamber every year. She explained, “So this year, my colleagues—Justice Massa, Justice Slaughter, Justice Goff, Justice Molter—and I would like to invite you to our ‘chambers.’ Attending this oral argument will give each of you a front row seat to see how our court considers cases interpreting the very laws enacted in these chambers.”

The argument will be Angela Y. Smith and Dylan Williams and $11,180 in United States Currency v. State of Indiana (23S-MI-345), a civil forfeiture dispute concerning whether the State can seize cash found during the search of the home of a person on parole without first proving it was connected to a crime.

The 40-minute argument will be webcast live and archived on the Court’s website. There is limited public seating and required decorum rules. Press interested in attending need to contact by Friday, February 9 at noon.


Kathryn Dolan, Chief Public Information Officer