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Watching live trial court proceedings

Trial Court Remote Video Hearings:

Many trial courts around the state are streaming non-confidential court proceedings to allow the public access to their courtrooms without physically being present. In many courts, the hearings are entirely remote, with parties and lawyers joining by video conference.

These streams are authorized by Supreme Court order (through the end of 2020) to aid the public health by promoting social distancing. The tool that trial courts use to stream and the website where the public can watch are provided by the Indiana Office of Court Technology. However, the content of the videos are entirely under the oversight of the local court that is streaming.

Watching video from the trial courts

If a trial court is streaming, it will be listed on the home page with a button to "Watch Live." Clicking or tapping the button takes you to a page with a video player. The video should start automatically, but if it doesn't work, click the button to "Switch to Alternate Player."

Recording or rebroadcasting the videos is strictly prohibited.

The quality of the audio and video may vary depending on the trial court's available connectivity, equipment, and whether the proceeding is remote or in-person. If you have questions about audio and video, please contact the trial court directly.

If you are having issues watching the live videos, please make sure you are using a high-speed internet connection and a device with an up-to-date web browser that can support streaming video.

If you have to appear in court remotely, see these tips on attending remote hearings.

Getting more information about cases in the videos

The remote video hearings website doesn't include information about the cases being heard in the specific court that is streaming. If you are interested in getting more information about:

  • the current speaker
  • identities of the people appearing on the screen
  • the court's schedule, including break times
  • the specific cases being heard
  • and other details about the content of the videos

please contact the trial court directly.