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Attorneys are required to report, during annual registration, any pro bono hours or financial contributions made during the previous calendar year.

When you click on "Pro Bono History" from the Portal dashboard, a page showing your pro bono reporting history will be displayed. If you have never reported pro bono before, no historical reports will be available until after you complete your next annual registration.

Actual reporting of pro bono is only available through the annual registration process. To report hours or financial contributions, click the "Get Started" or "Continue" button (whichever is displayed) in the yellow banner for attorney registration on the dashboard.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Once you certify and submit your registration for the year, you will not be able to change your pro bono entries. Make sure you have all the information you need to accurately report pro bono before submitting your registration.

Exempt from Reporting

If you are exempt, you must provide a reason for exemption. See Professional Conduct Rule 6.7.

You may also submit comments to the Supreme Court if you choose.

Not Exempt from Reporting

If you are not exempt:

  • Enter the number of hours of legal services you provided in the two available categories in whole numbers. Do not use decimals and do not enter anything other than numbers.
  • Enter the dollar amounts of any contributions you made in the two available categories. Dollar amounts may be whole dollar or exact amounts with decimals. DO NOT INCLUDE commas, dollar signs, or any other characters other than numbers and decimals.

You may also submit comments to the Supreme Court if you choose.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Indiana Bar Foundation has prepared answers to the most common questions attorneys have about reporting pro bono, including who must comply, what must be reported, and what kinds of pro bono contributions may be included.

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