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Annual attorney registration (for account administrators)


As an account administrator, you have access to submit an attorney's annual registration information and pay the annual registration fees. Some firms assign the complete process to an account administrator, while others expect attorneys to submit and certify their own registration information, but assign the account administrator to pay fees.  The portal is designed to work for both preferences.

If you are assigned to submit your attorneys' annual registration information, you must complete each registration one at a time. After certifying the information, you can go directly to payment or choose to pay later. This allows you to complete the registration for all attorneys before moving on to paying the fees, allowing you to pay for all attorneys in one transaction.

If you are assigned to pay registration fees and not submit annual registration information, see the help topic: Pay attorney registration fees.


To access an attorney's annual registration:

  • On the dashboard, to the right of the "Manage Account Holders' Information" heading, click "Annual Attorney Registration."
  • The list of your attorneys shows their annual registration status (Complete or Not Started) and--for attorneys whose annual registration is not complete--a link to "Start Registration."
  • To begin the registration process for an attorney, click "Start Registration" to the right of the attorney's name (see figure below).

Now you are viewing the attorney's annual registration wizard. There are seven steps in the wizard, and each step must be reviewed to be marked complete. Once all seven steps are marked complete, you can move forward to certify the information.

Follow the instructions on the screen for help using the annual registration wizard. If you need help on one of the steps, see the help topics below:

When you certify the annual registration information, you have the option to "Proceed to Payment" or "Pay Later."  Choose "Pay Later" if you have more registrations to complete and wish to pay all fees on one transaction.

When you are certifying your final registration, click "Proceed to Payment" to start the transaction. If you accidentally choose "Pay Later" or you need to begin the payment process at a later time, choose "Pay attorney registration fees" from the dashboard.

The annual registration for any attorney is not complete until payment is received by the appellate clerk's office.

For more information about fee payment, see the help topic: Pay attorney registration fees.

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