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Manage account holders' information

An attorney can invite a non-attorney, or another attorney with a portal account, to be an Account Administrator.  When an attorney invites you to be an Account Administrator, you will have access to update that attorney's Roll of Attorneys record at any time throughout the year, including contact information updates and IOLTA account management.  You will also have access to complete the attorney's annual registration requirements and pay fees on the attorney's behalf.

You can be an Account Administrator for multiple attorneys, and each attorney can have multiple Account Administrators.  When an attorney invites you to be an Account Administrator, you will receive an email that explains how to create a portal account if you don't already have one.  Once you're signed into the portal, you will see a banner showing your pending invitations.

In the "Manage Account Holders' Information" section, you will access all of the features available to you as an Account Administrator for accessing information about your account holders (attorneys and judges whose information you are assigned to manage).  Some features available to individual attorneys, such as Payment History, are not currently available to account administrators.

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