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Party Access to Court Documents

The table below outlines which types of documents are available by case type for various audiences. Documents are available either online at or in person at the clerk's office. This list is provided under Administrative Rule 9(E)(1), which states, "the Office of Court Services shall create and maintain a list available to judicial officers, attorneys, litigants, and the public."

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Members of the public


Any Indiana Attorney


Attorneys with an appearance

Attorneys of record

Parties to the case


Access for Parties to a Case

Parties to the case who sign into using their party access account for online access or appearing at the clerk's office for in person access.

Case TypeOrders OnlineOther Documents OnlineOrders in PersonOther Documents in Person
AD – AdoptionNoNoAll*All*
CB – Court BusinessAll*All*All*All*
CB – Court Business Foreign Judgment and Special JudgeAll*All*All*All*
CC – Civil CollectionAll*All*All*All*
CF – Criminal Felony (pre 1/1/2002)All*All*All*All*
CM – Criminal MisdemeanorAll*All*All*All*
CT – Civil TortAll*All*All*All*
DC – Domestic Relations with ChildrenAll*All*All*All*
DN – Domestic Relations without ChildrenAll*All*All*All*
DR – Domestic Relations (pre 1/1/2017)All*All*All*All*
EM – Estate MiscellaneousAll*All*All*All*
ES – Estate SupervisedAll*All*All*All*
EU – Estate UnsupervisedAll*All*All*All*
EV – Eviction (civil docket)All*All*All*All*
EV – Eviction (small claims docket)All*All*All*All*
F1 – Level 1 FelonyAll*All*All*All*
F2 – Level 2 FelonyAll*All*All*All*
F3 – Level 3 FelonyAll*All*All*All*
F4 – Level 4 FelonyAll*All*All*All*
F5 – Level 5 FelonyAll*All*All*All*
F6 – Level 6 FelonyAll*All*All*All*
FA – Class A Felony (pre 7/1/2014)All*All*All*All*
FB – Class B Felony (pre 7/1/2014)All*All*All*All*
FC – Class C Felony (pre 7/1/2014)All*All*All*All*
FD – Class D Felony (pre 7/1/2014)All*All*All*All*
GM – Guardianship Miscellaneous under IC 29-3-4All*All*All*All*
GU – GuardianshipAll*All*All*All*
IF – InfractionNon Conf. OnlyNoAll*All*
JC – Juvenile CHINSNoNoAll*All*
JD – Juvenile DelinquencyNoNoAll*All*
JM – Juvenile MiscellaneousNoNoAll*All*
JP – Juvenile Paternity (filed before 7/1/2014)NoNoAll*All*
JP – Juvenile Paternity (filed on/after 7/1/2014)All*All*All*All*
JQ – Child Protection Order filed by DCSNoNoAll*All*
JS – Juvenile StatusNoNoAll*All*
JT – Juvenile Termination of Parental RightsNoNoAll*All*
MC – Miscellaneous CriminalAll*All*All*All*
MF – Mortgage ForeclosureAll*All*All*All*
MH – Mental HealthNoNoAll*All*
MI – Miscellaneous CivilAll*All*All*All*
MR – MurderAll*All*All*All*
OV – Ordinance ViolationNon Conf. OnlyNoAll*All*
PC – Post ConvictionAll*All*All*All*
PL – Civil PlenaryAll*All*All*All*
PO – Order of ProtectionNoNoAll*All*
RF – Warrantless Seizure of Firearm under I.C. 35-47-14-3 (red flag)All*All*All*All*
RS – Reciprocal SupportAll*All*All*All*
SC – Small ClaimsAll*All*All*All*
TP – Petition for Tax DeedAll*All*All*All*
TR – TrustAll*All*All*All*
TS – Tax SaleAll*All*All*All*
XP – Expungement Petition granted under IC 35-38-9NoNoAll*All*
XP – Expungement Petition pending decision or denied under IC 35-38-9All*All*All*All*

* Documents filed in camera or documents sealed by the court for use by court staff only will still be unavailable