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E-filing User Guide

As part of Indiana's statewide e-filing project, several e-filing service providers (EFSP) are made available to attorneys and litigants. When you choose a provider and need help with e-filing, you should always start by seeking training and support from the provider you select. However, the self-help information and training available from the providers applies to their software and may not be Indiana-specific.

Start here when e-filing

These guides are specific to Indiana courts and will help you get started. We have also developed extensive FAQs and a growing number of tutorials.

Read the e-filing user guide

  • Choosing a provider
  • Setting up your account
  • Timing and deadlines
  • Electronic service and the public service list
  • Preparing documents to be e-filed

View e-filing tutorials & infographics

  • Electronic service and the public service list
  • Managing multiple emails
  • Changing law firms
  • Emails to expect in your inbox

Read the guide on naming your parties

  • Understand important guidelines on naming your parties
  • See important information for both Trial Courts and Appellate Courts

Read the guide on confidential filings

Read the case type quick reference

  • Choosing the right case type when filing a new case

Get answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs)