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Searching Appellate Decisions

Appellate Decisions:


When you open the Appellate Decisions website, the 250 most recent opinions handed down by Indiana's Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, and Tax Court are listed in reverse chronological order. Opinions in this collection date back to mid-2005.

Basic information about the case and summary information about the decision are listed, along with links to view the opinion, the case history, and the oral argument video (if an oral argument was held and recorded). Appellate decisions are often complex, so a summary of the decision cannot give the complete picture. Read the full majority opinion and any attached separate opinions to understand the Court's decision and reasoning.

You can use the filters at the top of the listing to search for opinions and return up to 250 cases in the results. If the search tools here aren't specific enough, try searching for the case you're looking for at

Case or party name

Type the name of a person or business named in a case and click or tap "search" to pull back opinions for that party. This search works best if you enter only one word from the party or business name.


Select a court and click or tap "search" to list opinions from that court specifically.

Case Category

Select a court and a category and click or tap "search" to list that court's opinions in specific types of cases. For example, select "Court of Appeals" and "Civil" to get a list of recent civil decisions from the Court of Appeals.

Authoring Judge

Select a court and an authoring judge and then click or tap "search" to list that judge's written majority opinions. Because the collection of opinions dates back to 2005, the judges listed for each court may include past judges and justices as well as past and current senior judges.

From date and To date

Enter a from date and a to date to search for opinions within a date range; the results will list up to 250 opinions from that range in reverse chronological order. Enter only a from date to search for opinions from that date forward, but keep in mind only the most recent 250 opinions will be listed.


Choose a county to narrow your results to appeals from courts in that county.


Select Supreme Court orders are currently posted to the website and orders from all three appellate courts are linked from the case summaries at