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Searching the Roll of Attorneys

Roll of Attorneys:

Searching by Name

When you search by name, a last name is required and first name is optional. If your search by last name only returns too many results, enter a first name to narrow them down.

Last name only. The search is designed to be as inclusive as possible. For example, if you search only by last name "Smith," your results will include any attorney with the sequence of letters "smith" in their last name. So attorneys with the last name "Goldsmith" will also appear in your results.

Name changes. Some attorneys have changed their names since they were first licensed in Indiana, most commonly due to marriage. The Roll of Attorneys search accounts for this. For example, if you're searching for an attorney named Sandy Day, but she's changed her name to Sandy O'Connor, you'll still be able to find her. When you search for her by last name "Day" she will appear in the results as "Sandy Day," and her name will appear in italics. When you click on her record, her name will appear as "Sandy O'Connor" with a note about her previous name.

Including City. If the attorney you're searching for has a common last name, including city can narrow your search results. However, if the city you enter is not the city the Clerk's Office has on file for the attorney's address, you might exclude the attorney you're searching for from your results.

Searching by Attorney Number

Every attorney licensed in Indiana is assigned an attorney number that they carry with them throughout their careers. The attorney number format includes a sequence number, a dash, and a two-digit county number. The county in an attorney number corresponds to the county in which the attorney resided when admitted to the bar.

Examples of attorney numbers include:

  • 12345-67
  • 1234-56
  • 123-45

When you search by attorney number, enter the full attorney number including the dash to pull up the exact record you're looking for.