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Digital Evidence Portal


The Indiana Supreme Court has launched a digital evidence portal that provides a standard solution for the submission, management, and storage of exhibits in trial courts that have adopted the service. The digital evidence portal provides convenient 24/7 online access to upload, review, manage, and share exhibits among judges, attorneys, and litigants during virtual or in-person court hearings. To participate, parties to the case must be invited by the court. Currently, the portal is available using a product from Thomson Reuters called "Case Center" (formerly CaseLines).

Project Benefits

The digital evidence portal gives parties and court staff access to tools for organizing, sharing, reviewing, and presenting documentary and multimedia case materials in a single cloud-based repository. Users can view case documents, PDFs, video, photos and other images. Access is based on permissions, so users can easily locate key case materials, add notes, redact, and mark exhibits.

The digital evidence portal allows attorneys and unrepresented litigants to send and share case materials from any device. They can also share to a specific page of a document. These features keep everyone in sync as they prepare for a hearing and give greater flexibility to collaborate at any stage of the case.

Other features

  • Secure upload and storage
  • All documents automatically indexed and fully searchable
  • Extensive support of multimedia formats
  • One user account for courts statewide

How to participate

Attorneys and other parties to a case can register for Case Center, but keep in mind the court must be using the digital evidence portal, and you must be invited to use it on a case-by-case basis.

If your case has been selected to use Case Center, you will receive an email inviting you into the case. You can then register for or sign into Case Center and click on “View Case List” button at the top of the screen.  If you have multiple cases, scroll down to select the case you wish to view. You can also narrow your search by applying a filter, and you can give other professionals in your office access to your cases.

Courts that wish to start using the digital evidence portal can contact the Office of Innovation to get started.

Training & Support

Access reference guides and training topics with videos at the Case Center help site.

For help using Case Center:

  1. Get self-help by visiting the Thomson Reuters Support Center website.
  2. Request help from Thomson Reuters by signing into Case Center, selecting “Support,” then “Create Support Case,” and filling out and submitting the form.
  3. Email Include your name, contact info, case info and issue.
  4. Call (800) 290-9378

For Information or questions regarding a case or court process, please contact the court where the case is heard.

For more information on the project, contact the Office of Innovation.