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About the Commission

What is the Indiana Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission?

The Disciplinary Commission is an agency of the Indiana Supreme Court. It is responsible for investigating and prosecuting claims of misconduct against lawyers licensed to practice law in Indiana and protecting lawyers against unwarranted claims of misconduct. The Indiana Supreme Court has exclusive power to take action against a lawyer's license to practice law.

Who is on the Disciplinary Commission?

The Disciplinary Commission is a board of citizens appointed by the Indiana Supreme Court. It consists of seven lawyers and two non-lawyers. It employs staff to investigate and prosecute cases. View a list of current commission members.

What the Commission Doesn't Do

Will the Disciplinary Commission get my money back for me or file criminal charges?

No. The purpose of a lawyer discipline case is to protect the interests of the public-at-large. It is not a substitute for bringing criminal charges against a lawyer or a civil action against a lawyer to collect damages or get money returned. If you believe that a lawyer has committed a crime, you should contact your county prosecutor in addition to filing a grievance. Be aware, however, that prosecutors have discretion over what cases to file. If you believe you are entitled to the return of fees paid or money damages, you should promptly seek advice of your own legal counsel.

Will the Disciplinary Commission act as my attorney or give me legal advice?

No. The staff attorneys for the Disciplinary Commission represent the Commission's interests in enforcing the Rules of Professional Conduct. We are not permitted to act as your attorney or give you legal advice. It is most important that you consult your own legal counsel if you believe that you have legal rights or interests that need to be protected.

Are there other resources available for obtaining compensation for lawyer wrongdoing?

The state bar association administers a Clients' Financial Assistance Fund that has funding available to compensate clients whose money has been improperly taken by a lawyer. You can get claim information by contacting:

Indiana State Bar Association
One Indiana Square, Suite 530
Indianapolis , IN 46204
Telephone: 317-639-5465 or 800-266-2581

Disciplinary Commission Annual Reports