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Information for family & friends

If you have a family member or other loved one who is currently incarcerated and seeking post-conviction relief, this information may be helpful to you.

Get information online

Find incarcerated person (State)

Trying to find someone incarcerated at an Indiana facility run by the Department of Correction?

Use the DOC offender search

Find incarcerated person (Federal)

Trying to find someone incarcerated in a federal corrections facility?

See the Federal Bureau of Prisons

Court case information

Access public case information and documents from courts statewide, including appeals courts.


Find contacts

Find your public defender office


Correctional facilities

Connect with an incarcerated loved one

Visiting in person

Regular visits can greatly benefit incarcerated individuals and their families. The Indiana Department of Correction allows for in-person visits with incarcerated individuals. Visiting hours vary by facility. You must be on your loved one’s approved visitor’s list before a visitation.

The DOC has strict visitation rules that determine what identification you must have, what clothing you may wear, and what items you may bring with you. Familiarize yourself with the rules before your visit to avoid being turned away.

Writing letters

You can write to your loved one in DOC, but all incoming and outgoing mail will be opened and read by facility staff. To write to your loved one, you must know his/her DOC number and the facility where s/he is incarcerated.

Send money

You can send money, purchase food, or set up a phone account for your loved one online.

Other resources

Prison Legal News

A monthly magazine with criminal justice news and a focus on prisoner rights
Read Prison Legal News

American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana

Help for people whose rights have been violated by a government agency or organization
Visit ACLU of Indiana

Children of Incarcerated Parents Library

Resources to help you care for and communicate with the children of an incarcerated loved one
Learn more about the library

Sesame Street Workshop

A variety of bilingual resources to help the children in your care cope with the incarceration of a loved one
Go to Sesame Street

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