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Welcome from Chief Judge

Headshot of Judge Robert R. Altice, Jr.

Welcome, and thank you for your interest in the second-highest court in the state, the Court of Appeals of Indiana. We are proud of our commitment to serve all people by providing equal justice under the law and educating the community about the judicial system’s important role in Indiana government.

We are a busy court, issuing written opinions in approximately 2,000 cases each year. We write a full opinion for every case to ensure an understanding of the decision by the parties involved.

The principles of open government are important to the Court. On our website, you can access the Court’s calendar, opinions, annual reports, history, and other important information. We live-stream all oral arguments held in the Court of Appeals courtroom in the Indiana Statehouse and record all traveling oral arguments. These recordings are archived and made available to the public for free.

The Court’s strong commitment to civics education is reflected in our Appeals on Wheels program, which takes the three-judge panels from our Court to communities all across the state to conduct oral arguments in real cases in front of audiences consisting of students, bar associations, civic groups, and interested citizens. This program helps Hoosiers learn more about our judicial system. As of 2019, the Court has traveled to all 92 Indiana counties with Appeals on Wheels. We are extremely proud of this accomplishment.

I hope you will take some more time to explore our website and learn more about the Court of Appeals of Indiana. Thank you for visiting!

Robert R. Altice, Jr., Chief Judge

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