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Memorandum Decisions Reclassified as For Publication

The Indiana appellate opinions below were originally classified as Not-for-Publication Memorandum Decisions when handed down by the Court of Appeals, see Ind. Appellate Rule 65(A), but later reclassified as For Publication by Court order. Opinions are listed in reverse chronological order by date of the order reclassifying the opinion. The "Decision Issued" column lists the original date of issuance. This list includes only opinions ordered published after 01/01/2020.

Order Date Decision IssuedCase Lower Court Case Number Appellate Court Case Number
06-08-202205-20-2022Richard F. Ashley, Jr. v. Caitlin Ashley



06-03-202204-27-2022John Russell Pryor v. State of Indiana




Matthew L Fergason v. Wendy L. Brooks, et al.



05-19-202204-28-2022T.M. v. T.M.




State of Indiana v. Sarah A. Allen




Steven Ingalls v. State of Indiana



04-18-202203-31-2022Linda L. Looney, et al. v. Nestle Waters North America, Inc.





Christopher Michael Allen Harris v. State of Indiana



04-05-202203-11-2022M.H. v. State of Indiana20C01-1906-JD-169


03-28-202202-14-2022Kris Reibel v. Kara Kavensky29D01-1602-DR-146521A-DR-1648

Indiana Office of Utility Consumer Counselor, et al. v. Southern Indiana Gas and Electric Company, et al.

IURC No. 45378


12-07-202111-12-2021Julia Taylor v. St. Vincent Salem Hospital, Inc.




Rick Daniels, as Parent of Josh Daniels, and Josh Daniels v. The Case Review Panel, by its Administrator, et al.



10-21-202109-15-2021Monroe County, Indiana, et al. v. Boathouse Apartments, LLC53C01-1702-PL-25721A-PL-55
09-10-202108-18-2021Jason Reeves v. State of Indiana



08-30-202107-21-2021Michael Hudson v. Kathy Hudson



06-29-2021 05-25-2021 In re the Matter of C.W. (Minor Child), E.W. (Mother) v. Indiana Department of Child Services 49D09-2002-JC-484 20A-JC-2359
06-18-2021 05-26-2021 Deanne Sasser v. State Farm Mutual Auto Insurance Co., et al. 45D10-1806-CT-130 20A-CT-2068
05-06-2021 03-12-2021 Curtis Williams v. State of Indiana 02D05-1811-F1-20


03-25-2021 03-02-2021 Clarence Lowe v. Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District



03-18-2021 02-15-2021

John C. Mefford v. State of Indiana

39D01-1907-F6-952, 39D01-1908-F6-1003


03-15-2021 02-17-2021 Corey Killebrew v. State of Indiana 49G04-0508-FB-148980 20A-CR-1518
01-20-2021 12-29-2020 Mark Housand v. State of Indiana 71D03-1812-F1-21 20A-CR-375
12-11-2020 12-04-2020 Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc., et al. v. Rick C. Sasso, M.D. 50C01-1806-PL-27 19A-PL-378
11-19-2020 10-26-2020 Ausencio Garcia Rodriguez v. State of Indiana 49G01-1804-F1-13278 20A-CR-324
11-17-2020 09-25-2020 Elizabeth Gresser, et al. v. Reliable Exterminators Inc. 79D01-0403-CT-25 79A05-1711-CT-2621
11-10-2020 10-20-2020 Walter Griffin, Jr., et al. v. Menard, Inc., et al. 20D02-1603-CT-56 20A-CT-310
11-02-2020 10-22-2020 Curtis Pearman v. Hale Abstract Company, Inc. 73C01-1406-PL-18 20A-PL-733
10-26-2020 09-10-2020 Valerie (Watts) Padilla v. Donald Watts 36D02-1203-DR-119 20A-DR-423
10-23-2020 09-24-2020 James N. Harris, II v. State of Indiana 89D02-1912-F3-28 20A-CR-870
10-08-2020 09-25-2020 In the Matter of the Supervised Estate of Donald L. Moster, Sr. Deceased, Lisa Voltz, Successor Personal Representative, and Donald L. Moster, Jr. v. Rose M. Deschand 29D01-1703-ES-110 20A-ES-938
09-28-2020 09-08-2020 John E. Martin v. State of Indiana 79C01-1702-F5-20 20A-CR-228
09-21-2020 09-10-2020 Penske Truck Leasing Co., L.P. v. Debra Dalton-McGrath and John McGrath 45D04-1801-CT-18 20A-CT-94
09-21-2020 08-17-2020 Michael J. Lusinger, Jr. v. State of Indiana 07C01-1711-F6-661 20A-CR-18
09-17-2020 08-04-2020 Jeremy R. Sims v. Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles 22D02-1904-MI-615 19A-MI-2796
09-16-2020 08-25-2020 Alex Cordell Hughes v. State of Indiana 45G01-1810-F1-33 20A-CR-149
08-18-2020 07-08-2020 Amber Gibson v. State of Indiana 83C01-1412-F1-1 20A-CR-761
08-18-2020 07-10-2020 Christopher Vandenberg v. Indiana Department of Correction 49D11-1903-PL-10525 20A-PL-363
08-13-2020 07-29-2020 Daniel Brewington v. Dearborn Superior Court II, Judge Sally McLaughlin, Judge Brian Hill, Court Reporter Barbara Ruwe 15D01-1702-PL-13 19A-PL-3047
08-03-2020 06-24-2020 Kyli D. Smith v. National Collegiate Student Loan Trust 17D02-1901-CC-43 19A-CC-3041
07-30-2020 06-30-2020 Justin P. Norton and Randall E. Myers v. State of Indiana 83C01-1905-F6-81, 83C01-1904-F6-60 19A-CR-2389
07-29-2020 06-29-2020 Deborah Doherty and Sandra Luedtke, as agent and attorney-in-fact for Deborah Doherty v. Purdue Properties I, LLC; Campus Apartments Management, LLC; Corridor, LLC; and Corridor Ventures, Inc. 49D06-1602-CT-4909 19A-CT-2807
07-09-2020 06-16-2020 In the Matter of the Estate of Thomas E. Phelps, Colby Phelps, Hailey B. Phelps, and Kara L. Phelps v. Erica K. Book 76C01-1510-ES-70 19A-ES-2375
06-30-2020 06-16-2020 Monroe County, Indiana and Monroe County Plan Commission v. Boathouse Apartments, LLC 53C01-1702-PL-257 20A-PL-177
06-29-2020 06-05-2020 Matthew Christopher Yost v. State of Indiana 49G05-1909-F5-35951 19A-CR-2834
06-26-2020 05-13-2020 Steven and Kathy Chambers, Stephen and Elizabeth Driscoll, and Perry and Tonya Evans (appellants-intervenors) v. Delaware-Muncie Metropolitan Board of Zoning Appeals (respondent) and Rhett and Alana Light (appellees-petitioners) 27C01-1811-PL-49 19A-PL-1485
05-20-2020 03-15-2020 Randy Chariton, on behalf of himself and all others similarly situated v. City of Hammond, Indiana Board of Public Works and Safety; et al. 45D10-1410-CT-208 19A-CT-1266
05-18-2020 04-14-2020 In the Matter of: K.Y. (Minor Child) Child in Need of Services and M.Y. (Mother) v. The Indiana Department of Child Services 49D09-1904-JC-995 19A-JC-2582
05-13-2020 04-30-2020 Matthew Dallman v. Eunjin Choi 45C01-1602-DR-130 19A-DR-2115
05-12-2020 04-01-2020 Switzerland County v. Review Board 19-R-983 19A-EX-2577
05-11-2020 04-16-2020 Oscar Orozco v. State of Indiana 71D03-1902-MR-2 19A-CR-2408
05-07-2020 04-02-2020 Tammy Echeverria v. State of Indiana 49G21-1807-F2-21817 19A-CR-1459
04-29-2020 03-06-2020 Stiller Properties, LLC v. Floyd County Board of Zoning Appeals, Curt Rafferty, and Ceek Properties, LLC 22D02-1809-PL-1305 19A-PL-2190
04-01-2020 03-25-2020 K.F., et al. v B.B., et al 53C07-1905-AD-50, 53C07-1906-JT-316 19A-AD-2162
03-25-2020 03-11-2020 In re the Termination of the Parent-Child Relationship of M.M.E. (Minor Child) and J.H. (Father); J.H. v. Indiana Department of Child Services and Lake County Court Appointed Special Advocate 45D06-1903-JT-65 19A-JT-2139
03-18-2020 03-10-2020 Kentrell A. Fleming v. State of Indiana 49G04-1802-F5-5443 19A-CR-1394
02-27-2020 01-14-2020 K.R. Calvert Co., LLC, and Philip Davis v. Brian Sandys and Jennifer Sandys 29D02-1501-PL-33 19A-PL-443
02-06-2020 12-12-2019 Darryl Abron v. State of Indiana 67D01-1901-MI-35 19A-MI-939
01-06-2020 02-03-2020 Jacob T. Kingma v. State of Indiana 12D01-1808-F6-1199 19A-CR-01661
01-15-2020 12-13-2019 Old Plank Trail Community Bank, N.A. v. Mattcon General Contractors, Inc. 50C01-1806-PL-25 19A-PL-1033
01-09-2020 11-06-2019 Reham Al-Sinan v. Blackbird Farms Apartments, LLC and WH Long Rentals, Inc. 79D01-1604-CT-56 19A-CT-1236

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