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Press Release: Court supports National Civic Learning Week

Joint News Release | March 4, 2024

Court participates in National Civic Learning Week with Indiana Bar Foundation

INDIANAPOLIS – The Court of Appeals of Indiana has partnered with the Indiana Bar Foundation to support Civic Learning Week (March 11-15), a national civics-learning initiative to promote a strong democracy. An educational video about the judicial branch was released today, featuring Court of Appeals Chief Judge Robert R. Altice, Jr. and trial court Judge Maria D. Granger. The video offers a “fuller understanding of the judicial branch,” according to Tim Kalgreen, Director of Civic Education for the Bar Foundation, and features candid insights from two leading judicial officers about the important roles of judges and the rule of law in the State of Indiana.

Students, educators, and the general public are invited to view the video on the Indiana Bar Foundation’s YouTube channel at to learn more about the important role of the judiciary in our democracy and to get to know the people “behind the robes.”

“The Indiana Bar Foundation is proud to participate in Civic Learning Week,” shared Charles Dunlap, President & CEO of the Bar Foundation. “We hope this interview helps students, educators, and all Hoosiers better understand this part of our government through our state’s judicial branch.  It’s both exciting and fascinating to hear from our state’s judges as we learn more about them, their roles as judges, and how the courts work.”

The Court of Appeals of Indiana is an avid proponent of civics education, receiving the 2023 Sandra Day O’Connor Award for the Advancement of Civics Education for its traveling oral argument program, Appeals on Wheels. “Civics education is a top priority of the Court of Appeals,” said Chief Judge Altice. “We hit the pavement year-round in Indiana to show the public who we are and what we do. We’re proud to participate in Civic Learning Week to support civics education on a national level.”

Civic Learning Week is a “nationwide priority for a stronger democracy,” according to its website at A full program of free events is available on the website for public participation.

Contact for the Court of Appeals: Anne Fuchs, Director of Communications

Contact for the Indiana Bar Foundation: Kayla O’Brien

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