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Appeals on Wheels: Traveling Oral Arguments

Traveling oral arguments, or Appeals on Wheels, help Hoosiers learn more about the judiciary's indispensable role in Indiana government. They also provide opportunities for Court of Appeals judges to meet and talk with a broad range of citizens in relatively informal settings.

Appeals on Wheels typically occur at high schools, colleges, law schools and courtrooms, but they've also been held at conference centers, tourist sites and even retirement centers. The Court has conducted more than 400 Appeals on Wheels between its 2001 centennial and June 2013, although the program predates the centennial.

Traveling oral arguments are just like oral arguments in the Court's Statehouse courtroom. A bailiff calls the court into session, the judges enter, and lawyers for the parties present their arguments to the judges and answer the judges' questions.

One difference: After traveling oral arguments, the judges usually entertain audience questions about the law and the judiciary in general, but not about the case they've just heard.

The Court also provides audiences with a Case at a Glance study guide that includes a case synopsis, biographies of the judges and the arguing attorneys, and related materials about courts and the law.

If your school, bar association or other organization would like to host Appeals on Wheels, please contact the Court of Appeals Director of Communications, Anne Fuchs, at 317-234-4859.

All requests will be reviewed to ensure suitable facilities, engaged partners and a minimum audience of 50.

Two free hours of Continuing Legal Education credits are available to members of bar associations that conduct a one-hour CLE program around Appeals on Wheels. Please contact the court for more information.

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