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About the Court

As the second-highest court in Indiana, the Court of Appeals hears appeals from the state’s trial courts and some state agencies. The Court does not preside over trials and must accept all appeals sent to it, with the exception of:

  • Cases in which the death penalty or life-without-parole is rendered (appealed directly to the Indiana Supreme Court);
  • Cases in which statutes are declared unconstitutional by a trial court (automatically appealed to the Supreme Court);
  • Attorney disciplinary cases (which also go to the Supreme Court); and,
  • Cases involving taxation (which go to the Indiana Tax Court).

As a result, the 15 members of the Court issue approximately 2,000 written opinions each year. A decision of the Court of Appeals of Indiana is final unless granted further review by the Indiana Supreme Court.

The Court hears cases only in three-judge panels. All panels have statewide jurisdiction and rotate three times per year. Cases are randomly assigned. In addition, there is no deadline for the Court to reach a decision in each case; however, the Court strives to issue decisions within four months of receiving an appeal. Opinions are often issued earlier.

All opinions are available on the Court's website. Some opinions are “for publication” and can be cited as precedent for subsequent cases; other are marked “NFP” or “not for publication,” and may not be used in citing precedent.

About the Court & Appellate Process

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Information for Attorneys

Access our Attorneys' Guide to Indiana Courts, a comprehensive collection of court information designed specifically for Indiana attorneys.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to frequently asked questions about the Court, such as how to file an appeal or how cases get assigned.

CLEO Summer Law Internship

Learn more about the Carr L. Darden Conference for Legal Education Opportunity (CLEO) Summer Law Internship at the Court of Appeals.

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