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Jury Management System


With more than 1,200 jury trials in Indiana each year, a critical part of each trial is gathering an impartial jury as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. In September 2005, the Indiana Supreme Court created a comprehensive list of potential jurors available to every county free of charge. Since then, courts all over the state have observed more representative, inclusive and diverse jury pools and the Indiana Supreme Court's Jury Pool program has been honored with national and state awards.

The courts have taken the next step by developing a web-based Jury Management System (JMS) that is available to all courts at no cost.

How It Works

The JMS is available through the INcite (Indiana Court Information Technology Extranet) website. Counties can select jurors randomly, assign and manage jury panels, and manage claims to pay jurors. The system prints labels and reports and exports data for use in other documents. Eighty-four Indiana counties use the JMS. Counties that do not use the JMS have the ability to securely export their Supreme Court-approved master jury list or create jury pools from their master list through the INcite jury application. These counties can also report jury data updates to improve subsequent years' jury lists.

Benefits of the System

  • The system and maintenance is free to all counties
  • Supreme Court jury lists are automatically imported into the JMS
  • Jury management operations are automated
  • Juror information is easily searchable and updated
  • The system helps merge juror and trial information into documents
  • The system provides an option for jury panels to receive text and/or emails regarding reminders, cancelations, or rescheduled trial notices

Contact Information

If you are interested in using the JMS or for more information about the application, please contact Jill Russell at 317-234-2734 (Fax: 317-234-2605) or

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