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Indiana Court Information Technology Extranet (INcite)


Court Technology created a secure extranet website, INcite (Indiana Court Information Technology Extranet), to serve as a single environment for hosting all of the web-based applications that the Supreme Court currently provides or will provide in the future.

What is an Extranet?

An extranet is typically a website that an organization uses to exchange information with an external, often geographically disconnected group of users. In this case, it is a website that the Supreme Court is providing to county- and city-level court and justice-related offices to share information with each other and with state-level offices.>

The INcite extranet employs security features such as data encryption and authentication to ensure only authorized users can see and use data. Court users must be given access to the system, and they may only access job-appropriate information. For example, a court staff person who has access to the INcite jury management system does not have access to do marriage license filings. In situations where the same personnel need to complete multiple tasks through INcite, they can be granted permission to access different applications.

What Does INcite Include?

  • Abstract of Judgment
  • Benchbooks
  • BMV SR-16 Filing Application
  • Data Warehouse
  • Department of Child Services Probation Program
  • Electronic Citation and Warning System Central Repository
  • Electronic Tax Warrants
  • Guardianship Registry
  • Home Detention Reporting
  • Jury Management System
  • Jury Pool Export
  • Marriage License E-File System
  • Mental Health Adjudication
  • Online Court Statistics Reporting (ICOR)
  • Presentence Investigation (PSI)
  • Protection Order Registry
  • Risk Assessment
  • State Auditor Collections

Contact Information

For more information about INcite or if you have questions about how to use INcite, contact our Help Desk at (888) 275-5822 (Fax: 317-234-2605) or

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