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Indiana Innovation Initiative

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The Innovation Initiative was established by Supreme Court order to:

  • analyze the research on justice reform
  • assess the impact of reform efforts in other states
  • identify, map, and analyze commonalities and differences in subject matter and process in criminal, civil, family, and child welfare justice systems
  • identify innovative strategies, such as technology, to manage different case types
  • develop specialized procedures for different types of cases involving differing levels of complexity
  • evaluate the potential and actual impacts of specialized procedures
  • launch pilot projects to test procedures and determine the scalable value of those procedures
  • collaborate with and support the Coalition for Court Access (CCA) in areas where the Initiative’s work overlaps with the CCA’s objectives

Members will make recommendations to the Indiana Supreme Court for best practices surrounding Indiana’s judicial system structures and procedures.


Let the Innovation Initiative know about your ideas for how we can improve your experience in Indiana’s courts. Complete a 5-minute survey to provide your feedback.



The Initiative is directed to provide written reports, with findings and recommendations, to the Supreme Court. The Civil Litigation Taskforce, Family Law Taskforce, and Technology Working Group have submitted reports to the Indiana Supreme Court.

Read the Reports


Pilot Projects


See Supreme Court orders from September 24, 2019, October 21, 2019, and January 12, 2021 regarding membership of the Innovation Initiative.

Mag. Molly Briles
Vanderburgh Superior Court

Bernice Corley
Indiana Public Defender Council

Hon. Steve Creason
Marion Superior Court

Mary DePrez
Office of Judicial Administration

Chuck Dunlap
Indiana Bar Foundation

Adriana Figueroa
IU Health

Justin Forkner
Office of Judicial Administration

Hon. Kim Hall
Starke Circuit Court

Hon. Dustin Houchin
Washington Superior Court

Prof. William Henderson
Maurer School of Law

Hon. Derek Molter, Chair
Indiana Supreme Court

Chris Naylor
Indiana Prosecuting Attorneys Council

Hon. Jaime Oss
LaPorte Superior Court

Robert Rath
Office of Judicial Administration

Hon. Stephen Scheele
Lake Superior Court

Joseph Skeel
Indiana State Bar Association

Brad Skolnik
Office of Judicial Administration

Hon. Leanna Weissmann
Indiana Court of Appeals


The Initiative is authorized to create subgroups to carry out its work. The first two subgroups will provide a written report, with findings and recommendations, to the Indiana Innovation Initiative not later than March 1, 2021. The third, the Civil Litigation Taskforce, will provide a written report, with findings and recommendations no later than December 31, 2021. The subgroups are:

Family Law Taskforce

Hon. Elizabeth Tavitas, Chair
Indiana Court of Appeals

Amy Applegate
Indiana University Maurer School of Law

Lindsay Faulkenberg
Kids Voice of Indiana

Hon. William Fee
Steuben Superior Court

Hon. Alicia Gooden
Marion Superior Court

Leslie Craig Henderzahs
Church, Church, Hittle & Antrim

Michael Jenuwine
Notre Dame Law School

Kelly Lonnberg
Stoll Keenon Ogden PLLC

Debra Lynch Dubovich
Levy & Dubovich

Dr. Jill Miller
Northwest Psychological Services, P.C.

Hon. Lakshmi Reddy
Vigo Superior Court

Dr.  Brittany Rudd
University of Illinois at Chicago

Marilyn Smith
Indiana Bar Foundation

Kim Spindler
Department of Child Services

Hon. Catherine Stafford
Monroe Circuit Court

Tara Tauber
Tauber Law Offices

Jacob Taulman
Jasper County Prosecutor

Scott Wylie
Pro Bono Indiana

Technology Working Group

Robert Rath, Chair
Indiana Office of Judicial Administration

Hon. Kimberly Bacon
Lawrence Township Small Claims Court

Josh Brown
Cohen, Garelick, & Glazier PC

Jared Linder
Indiana Family and Social Services Administration

Michael Moore
Indiana Public Defender Council

Daniel Murrie
Daviess County Prosecutor

Janelle O'Malley
Indiana Office of Judicial Administration

Anjanette (Angie) Raymond
Indiana University Kelley School of Business

Hon. David Riggins
Shelby Superior Court

Hon. Jeffrey Sanford
St. Joseph Superior Court

Roger Schmenner
Indiana University Kelley School of Business

Scott J. Shackelford
Indiana University Kelley School of Business and Maurer School of Law

Emily Storm-Smith
Strada Education Network, Inc.

Amitav Thamba
Marion Superior Court

Jeffrey S. Ton
Ton Enterprises LLC

Seth R. Wilson
Adler Attorneys

Civil Litigation Taskforce

Steve Badger, Chair
Barnes & Thornburg

Sen. Eric Koch
Indiana Senate

Hon. Kimberly Dowling
Delaware Circuit Court

Hon. Heather Welch
Marion Superior Court

Hon. Jaime Oss
LaPorte Superior Court

Norris Cunningham
Katz Korin Cunningham

Emily Guenin-Hodson
Guenin Law

Christine Hickey
Rubin Levin

Cynthia Lasher
Norris Choplin & Schroeder

Mercedes Logan
Thor Industries

Jeffry Lind
Lind Law Firm

Jennifer Tudor Wright
Barnes & Thornburg

Candace Williams
Tolbert & Tolbert

Pamela Williams

Staff Contact

Robert Rath, Chief Innovation Officer
Indiana Office of Judicial Administration

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