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Below you will find a number of documents used in the Plan Commission Office. These forms are available for your convenience.

Junk, Trash, and Debris

  • Form for complaints regarding junk/debris & unlicensed/inoperable vehicles only.
    Learn more here.

Letter of Authorization

  • If a Landowner is unable to file a petition or attend a meeting regarding their legal property, the Letter of Authorization may be notarized and returned to the Plan Commission Office at the time of application. 
    Download the printable Letter of Authorization Form

Use of Tracts in Combination: Article 5.48 B 5 (a) Setback Standards;

  • Adjoining contiguous tracts may be used in combination for the purposes of building across a property line or within a required setback if the properties involved are owned wholly in common ownership. Prior to issuance of an Improvement Location Permit or any other permit granted by the Plan Commission, the property owner(s) shall sign a commitment prepared by the Plan Commission (Staff) to not convey the tracts involved separately from the other tracts included on the commitment without the cancellation of the commitment by the Plan Commission or the Zoning Administrator. All commitments and revocations or alterations of said commitments under this section shall be recorded in the office of the Noble County Recorder.
  • Contact Staff for more details.

Agricultural Clause

  • This form must be recorded in order to build in or adjacent to an agricultural zone. Please fill out the name and address fields and our office staff will help with the rest. There is a $25 recording fee. Agricultural Clause

Plan Commission Rules

The Noble County Plan Commission adopts rules by which it governs their meetings and procedures. Download the latest copy of the PC Rules here.

BZA Rules

The Noble County Board of Zoning Appeals adopts rules by which it governs its meetings and procedures. Download the latest copy of the BZA Rules here.

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