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Applying for a Rezonings

Applications for Rezoning shall be filed at the Noble County Plan Commission Office. The title holder of the property or a duly authorized agent (see link below) of the title holder may apply (refer to the fee schedule for rezoning fees).

UDO Article 9.21 E - Zoning Map Amendment (Rezone) for filing requirements. An application for a Rezoning, which is determined to be complete and in proper form by the Zoning Administrator, shall be assigned a case number and placed on the first Plan Commission agenda that occurs twenty-eight (28) days after the application for a Rezoning was submitted in its entirety. The Zoning Administrator shall notify the applicant in writing of the date of the meeting and provide the applicant with a legal notice.

The Plan Commission shall pay reasonable regard to the following factors before taking final action:
i. The Noble County Comprehensive Plan
ii. Current conditions and the character of current structures and uses in each district
iii. The most desirable use for which the land in each district is adapted
iv. The conservation of property values throughout the jurisdiction
v. Responsible development and growth

The Noble County Plan Commission Board will hear the petition at a public meeting and make a recommendation (favorable, unfavorable, or no recommendation) to the Noble County Commissioners; who will have the final approval/denial of the petition.

Letter of Authorization Form

If a Landowner is unable to file a petition or attend a meeting regarding their legal property, the Letter of Authorization for an authorized agent (e.g. the petitioner's attorney, surveyor, a relative, or trusted associate) shall be signed, notarized, and the original returned to the Plan Commission Office at the time of application.

Download the Letter of Authorization Form