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Police Department

Initially the Police department is a service support arm of all Howard County law enforcement agencies. In this capacity, our group is capable, and competent to perform several details, including, but not limited to:

  • Traffic Support for Accidents, Fires, School Events, Etc.
  • Crime Scene Security
  • Weather Events
  • Crowd Control
  • Funeral Escort
  • Assist with numerous community events, Haynes Apperson, County Fair, 5K, Good Fellows, Shop With A Cop, Public Safety Days, Touch A Truck, just to name a few.
  • Additionally all EMA Police Officers are required to attend specialized instruction and training and maintain certification in first aid and CPR.

    The EMA Mission Statement is "Preparing for the application of existing facilities, materials, equipment and personnel during an emergency , in such a manner that lives may be saved, health and efficiency maintained, and property protected."

    As an all volunteer organization the Howard County EMA Police Department aspires to set community citizenship standards that all departments can emulate, accepting the myriad assignments with pride and professionalism in the true spirit of our community.

    Fire Department

    Members are used to fulfill mutual aid and obligations with various are fire departments. We currently have One 2000 gallon Tanker, one 3000 gallon Tanker, one 1000 gallon/1250 GPM engine, one 4X4 Brush Truck, two Light and Air Trucks, and one Chief’s vehicle. We provide water and air support whenever we are called upon by the County or City fire departments. Our lighting trucks are called upon by multiple entities as needed to light a scene or a large area.

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